Helping you on your wellness journey with holistic strategies for the mind, body, spirit and our personal environment.

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I believe in a Holistic approach to wellness, incorporating mind, body, spirit, and your environment.
I am a Recognised Nutrition and Health Coach.  I have been on my journey of health and wellness for many years. I thought it was about time I shared some of what I have learned with others.

So, what can you expect to see here on these pages?  I will be sharing a variety of things related to our health and wellbeing.  From posting tips and hints I have found helpful in my home, sharing reviews of books or movies as well as recipes I love – some I have created or from others to share.


Please explore the pages I have created and if you have any thoughts on things you would like to read about, please reach out and contact me.



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Is it all about the Gut? 3 Steps to Prevent Disease

 What Is Gut-Health? There has been lots of talk recently about what has become known as “gut-health.” The Johns Hopkins Medical Centre website, one of the most well-respected hospitals and Medical Schools in the United States, believes there is a good reason for this. Hidden within the walls of your digestive system is what is … Continue reading Is it all about the Gut? 3 Steps to Prevent Disease

10 Steps to Kick Stress In The Butt

When we are stressed, it’s quite easy to develop negative thinking patterns because we become frustrated by our challenges and frequent feelings of being overwhelmed. This negative outlook then makes it even harder for us to manage those challenges and move forward and break through the stress cycle. Focus on your strengths and accomplishments, not … Continue reading 10 Steps to Kick Stress In The Butt

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