Warming the soul with chocolate!

A really great way I find to warm my soul on these cool winter days/nights is with a luxurious hot chocolate.  Of the simple pleasures that I enjoy is to just take a few minutes to just sit, breathe and enjoy the warming sensations you get from a really great hot chocolate.

Being lactose intolerant does not make it difficult to enjoy this, so using my home-mHot Choco ingred 1 (2)ade coconut milk and a few simple ingredients I have been indulging this week.  I am using raw organic Cacao powder as my chocolate flavour.  I find the coconut milk is sweet enough for my taste buds, however… honey or the sweetener of your choice can also be added.  Not only is the rich chocolatey flavour soothing to the soul the cacao brings more to this party than that. Everywhere you look these days seems to have info on the fantastic health benefits of raw cacao.  It’s not a naughty indulgence in my mind but more of a guilt free pleasure with bonus points for being healthy. 🙂

I have added a twist to the traditional recipe and been trying different flavours;  Cinnamon,  a delicious spice that has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicines and for almost as long as an ingredient in cooking. I have added it to my recipe as it is a warming digestive tonic, is high in anti-oxidants, considered anti-inflammatory, helps the body with blood sugar levels, and well the list goes on and on.  Bottom line – it actually adds a great twist to the flavour of my traditional hot chocolate!

So here is the recipe:

Dairy Free Hot Chocolate with a twist

1 cup coconut milk (preferably homemade) or nut milk of your choice.

1 tsp raw organic cacao powder

1 tsp raw honey

Cinnamon to taste

Warm coconut milk gently and whisk in cacao powder, once warmed add honey and whisk.

Sprinkle with cinnamon.



Add a cinnamon stick for a more ‘spicy’ version.

Omit the cinnamon and add freshly shredded orange peel for a ‘jaffa’ taste.

Omit the Cacao and add turmeric and coconut (thanks to Kathleen Borello for this version) for a hot Golden Tumeric.

The possibilities are endless really limited only by your imagination and taste buds.



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