Further towards positive change

Wow! I must apologise, it has been a little while since I posted here.

I have had some big opportunities coming my way and have been trying to get my head around them.  As you probably realise my site/blog is a work in progress as I start my journey as a Nutrition and Health Coach.  Deciding exactly what to blog about and create a program that will fit the needs of people around me is definitely taking some time as I want to provide value for all.

Having said this, I have decided whilst I am creating my dream here I will also be undertaking further study so I can truly meet your needs/interests. I am fully on board with the idea that we should all continue to read/experience/do and learn in order to become a truly responsible adult in this realm.  So as I embark on this exciting chapter, I will be continuing to provide blog posts/recipes etc. for you all and would love if you have any suggestions as for content.

My goal remains the same: supporting clients towards positive change.  I want to provoke questioning thoughts in us.  Questioning ourselves around our beliefs on particular topics can lead towards insight to our personal blockages – the real key to what’s stopping us from making positive changes.

So with the title ‘Mindset Strategist’ to add to my list of qualifications I will endeavor to support my clients whilst they unlock their potential.

I will be adding articles and ideas over the coming months and please contact me if you would like further information.






Photo by Daryn Stumbaugh on Unsplash

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