After Dinner Mint-Tea

In keeping with the chocolate theme from my last post I thought I would share my fav tea with you all. (Guilt free, almost calorie free!!!)

As part of my Nutrition and Health Coaching course I completed a subject called Kitchen Medicine, this really was one of my favourites subjects, (thank you Cadence Health).  As part of this unit I was to ‘design’ and make a herbal tea.  As I have a love for something a little chocolatey after dinner I made this soothing, restful and delightfully satisfying little tea for my assessment.

Please have a go a making this one, it is truly a lovely way to finish your evening.  I have included the details of the herbs that I used at the end of the recipe in case you have any concerns.  If you don’t have the exact ingredients, you could substitute with a similar herb.  If you are not sure please send me a message and I will do my best to give you an alternative.

So here it is!

After Dinner MinTEA



1 Tablespoon Dried Chocolate Peppermint
1 Tablespoon Dried Passionflower
½ Tablespoon Dried Chamomile
½ Tablespoon Cacao Nibs (slightly crushed)

Almost boiled water – I heat my water to approx. 80° (this may help herbs retain additional nutritional benefits and also gives a smoother flavour)

This amount will be enough to make 9 x 2 cup pots of tea (store in light proof container).


  1. Combine all ingredients and mix together.
  2. Place 1 teaspoon of ingredients into a 2 cup tea pot or ½ teaspoon into single tea caddy/strainer in your mug/cup.
  3. Pour water heated to your preferred temperature into pot or cup, cover with lid if possible and let infuse for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Enjoy this light, refreshing and minty tea!

Some other things to consider:

Flavours will develop the longer you leave the tea to steep.

The hotter the water the more intense flavour you will get and could possibly become bitter.

If you prefer to have a more ‘sweet’ tea, try adding 1 drop of liquid stevia.

Enjoy this blend after Dinner.

Cautions & Contraindications:

Peppermint: Individuals with gallbladder issues/reflux or gallstones should be cautious.

Passionflower: May cause drowsiness, take care if operating machinery or driving a motor vehicle or if involved in activities which may require mental alertness. Consult your Health Practitioner if taking any medications. Not for use in Pregnancy as it can cause Uterus to contract. No data available in relation to Breastfeeding.

Chamomile: Not recommended for early pregnancy.  Avoid if allergic to Chrysanthemums.  Can increase the effect of sedatives or those on liver medications. Consult your Health Practitioner if taking any medications.

Nutritional Analysis: This product when made in accordance with directions contains: <1g protein, <1.2g fat, <1g Carbs, <1mg Sodium <22mg Potassium, <8mg Magnesium

Disclaimer:  This tea is not intended to cure, prevent or treat any diseases.  We recommend you seek medical advice if you are unsure about any of the ingredients in this tea.

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