Simple energy hacks for you!

As part of a recent 10-day challenge I set myself (check out my facebook page) I recently watched the documentary ‘Supercharged’. This hour and a half long film gives you 5 simple hacks to incorporate into your life that could (but I believe, strongly will) help to supercharge your body’s energy system! It inspired me, so thought I would share my key takes from the documentary.

We all understand that the food we eat gives our body the energy we need to keep all our gears grinding and our wheels turning. However if you want to supercharge, a more holistic approach is required.  There are so many alternate sources of energy outside food and this film explores quite a few.

Hack 1: Water Water Water!  Without water there is no life! Looking a little more closely at the ‘water’ in your life – not just your intake but the quality and source of it. Is it clean, free of toxic waste and contaminants? Does your water have minerals in it or has it been stripped bare? waterfall jeff-sheldon-2552-unsplash The relationship our body has with water is closely examined. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. Dec 2, 2016. Running water such as waterfalls, the oceans and flowing streams all produces highly beneficial negative ions in the air surrounding these bodies of liquid. So it would seem an important aspect to consider the relationship we hold with water.

Hack 2: Ice Baths!!!!!!! (AKA cold therapy) Our exposure to the cold can also have a profound effect on the immune system and energy levels. One aspect that looks deeper into the further benefits of coldness exposure is that of ice baths.


Ice baths are historically used by athletes to aid recovery and injury, In the film, they interview ‘The Ice Man’ Wim Hof and the research that has been conducted surrounding this superhack. With testimonials and stories from  Biohacker Kate Towler and her family, their journey with her autistic son and her weight loss all incorporate the method of exposure to cold activities. Starting with face dunking (plunging your face into a bowl of cold water for a few minutes at a time), to cold showers, to the extreme of ice baths and/or snowbathing, Towler found success in the inclusion of these acts in her and her family’s everyday life.

Hack 3: Good quality light! Your exposure or lack thereof to light and the quality and type of light you are exposed to also plays a huge part in supercharging your body’s energy, particularly when we consider the electronic world we live in. When we are on our phones, computers, tablets or just watching a screen, we are being exposed to ‘blue’ light – this is likened to the sun and can create havoc with our circadian rhythms.  Sunlight is a nutrient and should not be avoided altogether. Therefore, just 20 mins or so of morning sunlight will give your body many and varied health benefits! You can also start by limiting exposure to ‘screens’ after dark to allow your body to readjust. However, if you do have to be in front of these, there are many apps around now that can adjust the backlight of your screens such as f.lux or twilight, many also have a ‘night shift’ build into their system for you to turn on.  Another option could be amber glasses.

Hack 4: Connect with the earth! Our connection to the earth plays a significant role in supercharging, and is a free and easy way to uptake those negative ions (the good ones!!!) we all so desperately need.  There are significant parallels drawn between how grounding or earthing can quench the fire of inflammation in your body.   Walking barefoot on the grass or the beach (double whammy there as you also have the movement of the ocean water across your feet!).  ocean-grounding-toa-heftiba-270800-unsplash.jpgRock climbing, tree-hugging (seriously if I am in need of some calming influences and am unable to connect with the earth I will stand with my hands against the trunk of a tree for 5 mins.).  There are many opportunities for us to add these small activities into our everyday life!

Hack 5: Movement! You will also hear and see how movement is so very important in the film. Therefore, perhaps we need to consider less ‘exercise’ and more movement regularly throughout the day with intense bursts of exercise. Again for little or no expense, it is not hard to incorporate some more movement into our lives. Stand/Walk/Lift/Climb/Dance…… the list goes on!

For me ‘Supercharged’ offers some simple and very realistic changes you can incorporate into your life and that of your family. Not to mention some of science and details behind it. Feeding our body not just food as a nutrient but also energy from nature can give you that extra spark that you have been missing! Whether it is from chronic illness or just overload, wear and tear.  By incorporating these 5 simple hacks into your everyday life, you can regain that youthful energy you had as a child!

Remember, just like any changes you make, having a goal and breaking it down make the outcome so much more attainable!  By creating small steps to reach your goals and doing one at a time, you will find the transition to becoming ‘supercharged’ an easy path to follow.

If you would like help with your goal setting process, please message me as and I am giving 5 people the opportunity to have a free one-on-one 30-minute goal setting session with me either online or via phone. I look forward to hearing from you!

Helen (2)


Waterfall photo by Jeff Sheldon

Ice photo by Mahkeo

Ocean grounding photo by Toa Heftiba  all on Unsplash


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