6 Items in my Winter Wellness Toolkit

It’s that time of year, frosty mornings, icy winds and chilly evenings. Despite our good intentions and preparations sometimes the winter lurgies sneak their way into our homes.  I like to have a few things on hand in the cupboard and in the pantry to help combat any uninvited guests, here I share 6 with you.

  1. Essential Oils – Know for their antibacterial, antiviral properties essential oils add a power packed boost to your kit! I am particularly fond of the Modere Breath Oil, a blend of Pine, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Thyme. Such a versatile blend, add to your vaporiser, or a carrier oil for rubbing. Allows for a more restful sleep and I find relieves some of those stuffy nose moments. Other blends such as the Modere Destress or Modere Infocus are also great and do what their name suggests. 🙂 . An amazing replacement for perfume (potentially full of nasties) as the oil scent lasts longer!)
  2. Raw Honey – straight from the hive, scientific studies reveal how it is more effective as a cough suppressant in children (over 1year) and adults than over the counter cough syrups (which quite often contain questionable ingredients). Raw honey is full of antioxidants and has been used for thousands of years medicinally.  Even the Ancient Egyptians used it to treat wounds and burns.


  3. Lemons and Ginger – A warm (not too hot – Heat will destroy Vitamin C) cup of freshly squeezed lemons and a little raw honey and ginger goes a long way to soothe your symptoms, as well as giving you a boost of much-needed Vitamin C.
    Ginger has a diverse array of nutrients and is also well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Modere Lip Balm – This one is our families go to for healing dry cracked lips. It also calms the inside of your nose, for when you have redness and irritation from the cold or excessive blowing. In my personal experiments, I discovered that this lipbalm outperformed the natural Paw Paw lip balm I had purchased. Soothing and effective this one!
    Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
  5. Bone Broth – Nothing beats a warming bowl of soup when you are under the weather or on a cold winters day or night. Making your own bone broth will also add another level of nutrients to your soups.  Louise Hay has a great post about the benefits of Bone Broths and healing, with scientific research to back it up. Check it out.

And the final one…..eating a healthy nutritious diet can sometimes not be enough in our fast paced and often toxin-filled world in which we live and our body will be grateful for a little supplementation in times of stress so……..

  1. Modere Immune Health – A very potent blend based on ancient medicines, used for centuries this traditional herbal blend is definitely one of my must haves.  As soon as there is a tickle in the throat, a sneeze or running nose in our home we start here.  We have found the severity and length of any of those nasty winter (or summer) bugs lessened when we use this.

A combination of the above has proven to be helpful for my family, what are your favourites?

Message me to get $10 off your first order with Modere.

Main Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

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