Beef Souvlaki Kebabs

As part of ramping up healthful eating in our house, I have been experimenting with a few traditional flavours.  Usually, Souvlaki is paired with Lamb or even perhaps Chicken. However,  as I had some grass feed Beef already in our freezer, I thought I would team them up instead. Traditional Mediterranian cooking uses herbs and … Continue reading Beef Souvlaki Kebabs

Probiotics and your health

  Found a little information on Probiotics and gut health and thought I would share.  As the picture quotes digestive issues to the American population I have put together some Australian statistics so it is a little more relevant for us here. According to the Gut Foundation of Australia - “The leading authority on gastrointestinal disease and … Continue reading Probiotics and your health

Warming the soul with chocolate!

A really great way I find to warm my soul on these cool winter days/nights is with a luxurious hot chocolate.  Of the simple pleasures that I enjoy is to just take a few minutes to just sit, breathe and enjoy the warming sensations you get from a really great hot chocolate. Being lactose intolerant does not make … Continue reading Warming the soul with chocolate!