Is it all about the Gut? 3 Steps to Prevent Disease

 What Is Gut-Health? There has been lots of talk recently about what has become known as “gut-health.” The Johns Hopkins Medical Centre website, one of the most well-respected hospitals and Medical Schools in the United States, believes there is a good reason for this. Hidden within the walls of your digestive system is what is … Continue reading Is it all about the Gut? 3 Steps to Prevent Disease

Simple energy hacks for you!

As part of a recent 10-day challenge I set myself (check out my facebook page) I recently watched the documentary ‘Supercharged’. This hour and a half long film gives you 5 simple hacks to incorporate into your life that could (but I believe, strongly will) help to supercharge your body’s energy system! It inspired me, so … Continue reading Simple energy hacks for you!

Probiotics and your health

  Found a little information on Probiotics and gut health and thought I would share.  As the picture quotes digestive issues to the American population I have put together some Australian statistics so it is a little more relevant for us here. According to the Gut Foundation of Australia - “The leading authority on gastrointestinal disease and … Continue reading Probiotics and your health